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Class of 2020

A month of highlights, a lifetime of memories.

Williams-Brice stadium with band and flags on field.

May 25

One of my favorite memories was last fall’s military appreciation football game. Standing in the student section, seeing friends from all over the country and world salute our nation gave me chills. It reminded me that I am beyond proud to be a Gamecock and to be part of an amazing, supportive and inspiring student body. Jordan Hammond, public health

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Moira Bocrie next to Water of Leith Walkway in Edinburg.

May 24

One weekend while studying abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland, my friend and I decided to get lost in the city. We hopped on a bus to historic Dean Village and explored the cemetery, modern art museum and Water of Leith Walkway. We followed the paths to Circus Lane and took a bus to the other side of the city to Craigmillar Castle. It was my favorite day abroad. Moira Bocrie, art history
Group of students wearing glasses in rain at football game.

May 23

After we beat UGA in Athens, we were all convinced the win came from Muschamp’s glasses, so the entire student section wore glasses to the Florida game. It was freezing and pouring rain nearly the entire game, but our student section stayed packed until the very end. We didn’t win, but I loved seeing our school come together and rally around our football team. It showed me what being a Gamecock is all about! Julianne Domnauer, public relations
Group of actors onstage.

May 22

Every show I ever performed with UofSC Theatre and Dance. The friends I made and the mentorship I have endured is nothing short of professional and everything I could have wished for from the best university in the world. Nick Good, theatre
Group of students making 'spurs up' gesture.

May 21

Senior year spring break was one of my favorite memories because all of our closest friends were together in one place having the time of our lives. We never could have imagined that would have been the last time we were all together. Jessie Vanadia, biology
Members of homecoming council on campus.

May 20

Working with my Homecoming Council as a team to create an unforgettable homecoming experience that I will never forget! Mary Weigert, exercise science
Dalton Stalvey and Samantha Petrelli standing atop Great Wall of China

May 19

My favorite memory at USC is my study abroad trip to China with my best friend, Samantha Petrelli. I was able to see incredible monuments like Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China. I was also able to learn some Chinese language, study the culture, try the foods, and meet the people. Dalton Stalvey, chemical engineering
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Women’s Swimming and Diving senior members next to pool.

May 18

At the senior meet in January, the Women’s Swimming and Diving Class of 2020 celebrated four years of being Gamecocks. We spent the years growing, learning, loving and making memories together. All of my favorite memories are with these special people. Margaret Higgs, public health
Group of students before South Carolina football game.

May 17

Tailgating meant friends, football and unforgettable memories. Throughout my four years at UofSC, this was the one time of year that I could count on to make the best memories with some of my best friends. Amelia Wilks, public health
Sky-view of South Carolina State Fair attendees walking at night.

May 16

The annual South Carolina State Fair is a little bit of tradition between a lot of people. Matthew Watkins, hospitality management
Elizabeth Thompson leading exercise class.

May 15

My favorite memory is having the opportunity to become an American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Group Fitness Instructor and teach group fitness classes through the Campus Rec Group X Program. Elizabeth Thompson, computer engineering
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Kristen Kauffman next to hairy cow in the mountains of Scotland

May 14

I studied in Stirling, Scotland, and made the best memories of my college experience. This is from a trip my friends and I took to the highlands of Scotland and saw the Highland cow — a ‘hairy coo.' Kristen Kauffman, public health
Members and coaches of UofSC Women’s Soccer team holding SEC trophy

May 13

I played on the UofSC Women’s Soccer team, and we made history. We went to the Final Four in the NCAA Tournament in 2017 and won the SEC Tournament in 2019. Tatumn Milazzo, mass communications
Chase Cunningham standing on top of extinct volcano in Edinburg, Scotland

May 12

Being able to study abroad and meet people from around the world — as well as immerse myself in the culture of Ireland — was amazing. As a music major, the best part was studying traditional Irish music and even getting to perform in a pub. Chase Cunningham, music education
A’ja Wilson signing Rebekah Cloninger’s jersey at basketball game.

May 11

I met A’ja Wilson, and she signed my #22 women’s basketball jersey at a game. Hands down best moment of my life. She is such a role model. Rebekah Cloninger, psychology
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Two journalism students on NFL football field

May 10

My favorite memory was working at Thursday Night Football in Charlotte through Carolina News & Reporter and SJMC instructor Greg Brannon. Being able to be on the sideline pre-game shooting photos and in the press box during the game covering the action is something I’ll never forget. Nick Papadimas, multimedia journalism
Shannon McDonald and fellow orientation leader in front of Colonial Life Arena

May 9

One of my favorite times at UofSC was getting to welcome all the new freshmen as an orientation leader. The early morning walks to Colonial Life Arena and late nights giving out pizza in Patterson Hall were all worth it because of all the great connections and memories I made. Shannon McDonald, music education
Henry Johnson in graduation gown holding daisy at Horseshoe gate

May 8

In the absence of sweet, sweet freedom and class attendance, I was able to put my major to the test and take my own graduation photos. Hank Johnson, visual communications
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Group of students next to Pokemon monsters

May 7

Running up the Horseshoe after work trying to make it to Petigru on time for Snaps. Weekly, we’d discuss an album, then another, and finally get to hang out and chat with one another. Sometimes, we’d find ourselves in front of Petigru until 2 or even 3 in the morning talking about our weeks, sharing our thoughts and feelings, and talking about our lives. I will always cherish my time in the Snaps Music Appreciation club. Hannah Gresham, English
Zack Sweat holding UofSC acceptance letter.

May 6

My favorite memory was getting my acceptance letter. Growing up in South Carolina, all I ever wanted to do was be a Gamecock. Zach Sweat, journalism
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Group of sorority members next to lake

May 5

This is of one of the most influential groups of women I have had the privilege of knowing. Together, we are more than members of a service sorority; we are a family. I learned so much about patience, kindness, service and happiness from them, and I wish them the best in their future years at South Carolina. I love you all, Alpha Rho. Pranathi Meda, public health
Hannah Garfein banging gong at UofSC Dance Marathon fundraiser

May 4

Being part of Dance Marathon at UofSC has been incredibly special to me. Participating in leadership as both a sophomore and senior involved some of the most eye-opening and memorable decisions I’ve made. I love every organization I have had the honor to be a part of, but DM’s impact on children and their families in Columbia makes it that much more special. FTK! Hannah Garfein, advertising
Two students posing in front of Russell House

May 3

My first picture with my best friend and roommate of four years. Arelys Chaparro, marine science
Maymester student William Gosnell scuba diving off the Galapagos Islands.

May 2

I love this photo because it shows the opportunities and memories that UofSC gave me as an undergrad. In this picture, I am scuba diving off the coast of the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador during a Maymester. Before I came to UofSC, I had no desire to study abroad; now, the trip is an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. Forever to thee! William Gosnell, environmental science
Students celebrating in and near Thomas Cooper Library reflecting pool.

May 1

My all-time favorite memory was freshman year when we beat Duke in basketball and ended up going into the Final Four. The whole school was buzzing, and living on campus during that time was surreal. We bonded and cheered together for our new school. Saleena Wilson, psychology